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Making Submissions

How do I view the casting information?
Login to extras access, go to the PROJECTS Menu and select either Los Angeles or New York. Click on a project and view the roles. Click on a role. Select a picture and follow the directions to complete your submission.
Can casting see my other pictures even if I only submit one picture?
Yes, casting always has the option to view all pictures that you have in extras access.

Information About Your Pictures

How do I get pictures into extras access?
After you Login, go to the MY TOOLS Menu and select MANAGE PROFILE and then MY PHOTOS. Follow the easy directions to upload a digital photo from your computer. You can also organize and manage your photos from this menu.
What type of pictures should I upload?

Unlike headshots used for principal work, Extras casting relies on pictures that show your body type. To give yourself the best chance of being cast, upload a picture that shows you from the waist or even your knees.

You can add other types of pictures and organize them by category. For instance, add a picture of you in a uniform or period costume. If a casting director is searching for a background actor who owns their own uniform, they will be able to find you based on the uniform category you assign to that picture. You may also want to add a picture of you with a pet or some other prop such as a car in case the casting director is searching for background actors with dogs or particular types of cars.
What if I don't have the right type of picture?

We can take a digital photo of you at one of our cooperating casting facilities for $10.00 per picture. You will be able to take this picture and upload it on a computer we provide for this purpose at the casting facility.

Digital Pictures can be taken at the following locations in Los Angeles

Breakdown Services
2140 Cotner Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(Hours: 10:30 to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday)

Digital Pictures can be taken at the following locations in New York

Actors Access New York
575 8th Avenue #600
New York, NY 10018
(By appointment only)

What if I want to change my pictures?

If you have a Free Membership (See Registration) you can upload and change two pictures at no charge. Delete a previously uploaded 'Free' picture and now you can load a new picture into extras access. You can manage photos by going to the same menu that you used to upload pictures. Select Manage Photos to Delete or Classify your pictures.

If you are a Full Member, you will be able to upload or change as many as four pictures at no charge.

Getting the Job

What happens after I submit my picture for an extras job?

First, submit yourself as soon a possible for a job that is posted to extras access. Casting directors are usually under a time deadline to get projects cast asap! Casting directors login on our main website at breakdownservices.com and are able to view your picture and résumé. They are able to select you if they think you are right for a role.
After I submit myself, how will I know if casting is interested in hiring me?

If a casting director wants to hire you, they have the option of contacting you by the phone number you have listed in your profile or they can create a CMAIL and notify you of your work call.
What is CMAIL and how does it work?

Notice the CMAIL Menu? Click on it and it takes you to an In Box. When you get a CMAIL, a box will drop down telling you that you have received a CMAIL from casting. You will be able to respond to this CMAIL just like an email or Instant Message. Casting uses CMAIL to inform you that you have a work call and will include the details in the CMAIL or instruct you to call them with a listed telephone number. You also have the option when creating your Profile to include your text messaging cell phone number as an alternate email address. If you have text messaging on your cell phone, you can receive CMAIL notifications from casting on your cell phone.

Filling Out the Profile

Where can I fill out my Profile?

Login to extras access and go to the MY TOOLS Menu and select ABOUT ME. Fill out the information required. For your convenience and to make it easier, profile information is broken up into different sections. These sections are General Details, Appearance, Skills, and Other.

Some of the information you will fill out is required so that when a project is released, you can be notified based on this type of search criteria. Other information is optional for you to fill out. You are encouraged to fill out your information as completely and accurately as possible.
What if a profile section doesn't relate to my abilities?

Select the choice titled Not Applicable. By selecting this choice we know that you have reviewed the available selections and have concluded that they don't apply to you.

I do principal work and I don't want casting directors to find me in extras access. How can I stop casting directors that know me as a principal actor from thinking of me as an Extras Actor?

Go to the MY TOOLS Menu and select MY ACCOUNT. On the left side of the page, you can un-check 'Allow Casting Directors to Search for Me'. Now casting can only find you when you choose to submit yourself. They cannot find you when they search for actors based on any of your skills or ATTRIBUTES. They cannot find you even if they search for you by name.


Where can I add my Résumé and Is A Résumé Necessary?

Adding a Résumé is your choice. If you believe that it will help you get more work, you should include information about previous jobs. To add a résumé, go to the MY TOOLS Menu and select MY RÉSUMÉ. Follow the directions on this page and take a look at the sample résumé to see how your résumé will look after it is completed.

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